Tattoo Design Studio

Welcome to the Tattoo Design Studio and Piercing Salon!
Our studio is a clean and sanitary environment where you can get a tattoo or piercing in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere.

  • New Tattoos -  We will work with you on creating a custom design, or will help you choose a design from our extensive catalogue.
  • Old Tattoos -  We can re-ink that old and faded tattoo so that it looks brand new.
  • Cover ups -  We can help you with the design of a new tattoo to cover up a bad or unwanted tattoo.
  • Tiny tats -  No tattoo is too small. We give 100% whether it is a small heart or a massive back piece.
  • Piercings -  We offer a wide variety of piercings and piercing jewelry. All our jewelry are made from surgical grade stainless steel and comes pre sterilized. Unfortunately we don't offer piercings below the waistline.

All our work is carried out according to the highest hygienic standards.
We do not not use any tools or needles more than once.
All our needles, pliers etc are single use and will be opened from its sterilized packaging in front of the client for use on the client.
We pride ourselves on working hygienically to protect both ourselves and our clients.